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Camp Fire Grill recipe ideas

The Perfect Campfire Grills have been designed for those who want to cook fantastic food outdoors, but do not want to carry a cumbersome, messy barbeque around with them. Plus, when you’ve finished cooking, just take the grill down and you have a cosy campfire to gaze at late into the night and let’s face it when did you last cuddle up in front of your barbeque?

So get cooking outside and don’t limit yourself to just the summer months – these grills could be used to cook your bonfire night bangers, winter crumpets and yuletide chestnuts – the possibilities are limited only by your imagination...

So whether you are watching the sun setting on the beach, want a full English breakfast to set you up for the day or just enjoy cooking over a campfire; these cooking grills provide a convenient way to prepare food that is both healthy and delicious.

Valentine Warner's
Grilled Lambs' Liver with Coriander & Onions

Serves 2-4


250g Lambs' Livers sliced into strips 3mm thick
1 tsp dried oregano
1 tsp ground cumin
½ -1 tsp chilli powder
Vegetable oil
1 medium red onion finely diced
Large handful chopped fresh coriander
1 lime

Thread a few pieces of lambs' liver onto some bamboo sticks that have been pre soaked so as not to burn on the grill

Scatter the livers with generous amount of salt, oregano, chilli powder & cumin

Splash with a little vegetable oil

Grill briefly over hot embers (wood smoke is essential) until coloured on both sides but faintly pink in the middle

Squeeze over lime juice, scatter with raw onions & chopped coriander

Roasted Veggies

Marinate your veggies (courgettes, tomatoes, peppers etc) in olive oil and maybe some crushed garlic. Place on the grill and roast over the fire until their skins start to shrivel slightly.

Par-boiled small potatoes also roast well on the grill – or you want to cheat, tinned potatoes are an easy alternative.

Try wrapping asparagus in bacon and just lay on the grill until the bacon has cooked and the asparagus softens.

Sea bass with thyme and lemon

Take your gutted sea bass (or other whole fish) and fill the body cavity with fresh thyme and slices of lemon. Place on the grill and cook, turning once and then serve.

This would work well with any whole fish and a variety of fresh herbs.

Caramelised fruit with sugar and mascarpone

Take your fruit (fresh apricots and peaches work well), remove any stones then sprinkle them with some dark brown sugar.

Put them on the grill skin side down and cook them until they start to sizzle and ooze juice. Put on a plate with a dollop of mascarpone and sprinkle with a few toasted almonds - eat while still warm!

Chocolate Bananas

Take a whole banana in its skin and slice along its length on one of its flat sides – fill with chocolate and place on the grill and cook until the chocolate melts and the banana flesh softens.

The Full English Breakfast – why limit campfire cooking to the evenings?

Assemble your breakfast ingredients such as sausages, bacon, tomatoes, large flat mushrooms etc – place these on the grill over your morning fire and cook until done. A healthy alternative to the frying pan and very little washing up!

Cooking eggs straight on the campfire grill has stumped me to date - there has to be some limits. One way you can cook a fried egg or mini omelette over a campfire is by shaping small trays out of foil with a bit of oil or butter in the bottom. These can then be placed on the grill and allowed to cook.

Make toast by laying slices of bread on the grill for a few seconds and turn once, butter and serve.

Campfire Cooking Grill Demonstration Camp Sites

Campfire grills are available to try out at the following campsites - so you can try before you buy.

Bivouac in N. Yorkshire »
New Farm Holidays, Lincolnshire »
Welsummer Camping in Kent »
Alde Garden in Suffolk »
Hidden Spring in East Sussex »
New Barn Farm in Bedfordshire »
Town Farm Camping in Ivinghoe »
Hole Station Campsite, West Devon »

For more recipes and inspiration for outdoor cooking check out the NEW Cool Camping cookbook featuring our campfire cooking grills.

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